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What we are NOT

By Anonymous - Posted on 14 November 2009

EAU is not a "continuation" of any previous organization, and was formed explicitly to chart a new path for pro European-American advocacy in America. EAU is NOT a "national socialist," "fascist," "white supremacist," "racist" or "hate" group. The Anti-Defamation League has slandered and defamed EAU by describing us as a continuation of some other group. This is vicious lie which we categorically and vehemently deny.

Like the NAACP and similar ethnic advocacy organizations, EAU speaks out for the ethnic interests of a particular demographic. Our methods and aims are legal and peaceful.

Also like other ethnic advocacy organizations, while some of our members may have belonged to other organizations in the past, members have joined EAU because they have seen the deficiency of other groups claiming to speak for white people and have come to reject the extremism, hatred and irrelevant obsessions of such organizations. It is our belief that some of these organizations are purposely built-up and publicized by special interests in an effort to make legitimate pro-European-American advocacy seem marginal and hateful.