Membership is not extended to the general public. 

European Americans United is comprised of what Thomas Jefferson called the "natural aristocracy" of our people, which has been deliberately submerged by mercantile interests.  As a result, European Americans of high character are invited by existing members to join us. If you would like to join us and have not been invited, use our contact form to arrange a meeting with one of our members.

There are three types of membership/citizenship in EAU, one of which is available to new members.

Members are Knights, Aristocracy of various degrees, or Regents.

All members start as Knights and earn promotion through their display of character and work done on behalf of the Nation.

To become a member/citizen of EAU requires acceptance of and agreement with the following, in writing:

  • I have read and understood the organization’s Objectives, Statement of Principles, and Ethics and agree with them.
  • I can pursue the Objectives of the organization and adhere to its Principles with a clear conscience and without a conflict of interest.I am a person of wholly ethnic European ancestry and am not the beneficiary of any Right to Return to any nation, state or country other than the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and the countries of Europe.
  • I understand that the United States’ political system receives funding from a large number of corporate, ethnic and even professional special interests; and that political activism that thwarts or threatens to thwart the agendas of such special interests carries inherent risks limited only by the imaginations of persons and entities composing such special interests or beholden thereto.
  • I hereby forever release, discharge, hold harmless, exonerate and promise not to sue EAU or its directors, officers, contractors, volunteers, agents or their successors or assigns for any claims, damages, demands or liability of any nature whatsoever that arises either directly or indirectly from my participation in its activities.
  • I hereby agree and promise forever that I shall not disclose the identity of any other member of EAU to any person or entity that is not also a member of the organization unless compelled to do so by Court Order or under special exceptions included in the organization’s Constitution, and that I am liable for any and all damages that may accrue to any individual or organization harmed by my failure to keep this promise. I explicitly understand that this promise is forever and I am not released from it by the voluntary or involuntary termination of my membership, even if my membership was accepted by the organization on the basis of inaccurate information I provided or under a pseudonym.

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About EAU

European Americans United is an ethics-based ethnic advocacy organization for European-Americans and a stateless Nation.  Encompassing appreciation for the wisdom of our founding fathers along with European New Right philosophy and third-position economics, we believe ideas and economics should serve our people, rather than our people being servants to ideological and economic forces.

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